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“A healthy, happy you is the best gift you can give the world.”

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What I do

As a certified nutritionist and health coach, I empower women to get free from symptoms and reclaim their health so and go from just “surviving” to thriving again. What could be possible in your life if you didn’t have to struggle with your health anymore?


Get FREE from symptoms, be in charge of your health, and live a life you LOVE.

Are you eager to get free from symptoms, have more stable health, and live a life your love? Working with me one on one is the fastest way to getting there. With an easy to follow action plan for better self-care habits, you’ll experience, lasting RESULTS in your health. Click below and receive a complimentary Chronically Well coaching session and find out how you can go from just surviving to thriving again!


Gain knowledge and take empowered action to better health.

Do you have a specific women’s health challenge you would like to solve? Attending a Chronically Well health seminar can help you get relief from pain, fatigue, stress, weight gain, hormone imbalances, and other symptoms. You’ll gain deeper awareness about your current health problems and learn how to help your body regain balance and well-being. Most of our classes are free of charge and available online. Click below for info.


Join the CW Community for the inspiration, education, and action to live and be WELL

Chronically Well provides hope and healing for women who suffer from poorly understood women’s health problems.  We believe that it’s time to end the stigma around “invisible illness” symptoms and uncover solutions that really work.    Join our CW community and learn how to take actions that will improve your health and quality of life!

About Marnie

Marnie is a certified holistic wellness coach and nutritionist who has been helping women improve their health for over a decade. With transformational coaching, healthy lifestyle habits, and mind-body wellness, she helps women take care of themselves so they can reclaim their health and live a life they love. Marnie believes that a healthy, happy you is the best gift you can give the world.

With Marnie’s coaching, you can overcome chronic health challenges like fatigue, pain, auto-immune illness, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, and more. Regardless of where your current health is at, Marnie can help you find your way to greater health and happiness for a better quality of life!

Not only has Marnie helped hundreds of other women achieve better health, she also knows first-hand what it’s like to bounce back from debilitating chronic illness. Having delt with thyroid disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, anxiety and depression, Marnie was once bedridden with symptoms that mainstream medicine just couldn’t resolve. Through nutrition, holistic self-healing modalities, and mind-body medicine, Marnie reclaimed her health and well-being. She then wanted to help other women who struggle with hard to solve health problems, so she studied to become a certified health coach and nutritionist.

Marnie is available for individual and group coaching, health seminars, wellness retreats, and online classes. To learn more or work with Marnie, you can contact her here:

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Follow our Chronically Well blog and learn how more about getting free from Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and other hard to solve women’s health problems.

Let me help you create better health so you can get back to living your life.

Disclaimer: Chronically Well health coaching is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition. Always refer to your doctor if you are experiencing health problems or you have any health concerns. Studies show that living a healthy lifestyle may be an effective way to improve your overall health, and that health coaching can be beneficial for Fibromyalgia in reducing symptoms while increasing quality of life.

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