Book a complimentary Get FREE From Fibromyalgia session and you can be on your way to better health in just 30 minutes, while in the comfort of your own home! In this call, I’ll share 3 little-to-no-cost strategies to help you transform into the more energetic, pain-free, consistently WELL version of yourself!  We’ll also discuss your specific Fibro health concerns and give you a blueprint to move forward to better health!

I offer this complimentary session because it’s my mission to make hope and healing available to women who struggle with chronic pain and FMS symptoms. You’ll have my expertise focused entirely on you while getting real solutions to feeling GOOD again. The time flies by, and it’s a confidential, no-judgment zone. Best of all, you’ll gain tremendous insight into your health!  Even if you’re on the fence, go ahead and book your session, because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I promise, this call will be well worth your time, and it may well be the most important conversation you will ever have about your health!

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GET FREE FROM FIBROMYALGIA: 90-day Total Health Transformation

Tired of being sick and tired and ready to work with me one-one-one to transform into the more energetic, pain-free, consistently WELL version of yourself?  The 90 Day Get FREE From Fibromyalgia Total Health Transformation is the ultimate self-care and life balance program to fully renew yourself, reclaim your health, and gain freedom from symptoms. 

Here’s what you get:

  • 12 private, 1-hour coaching sessions, by phone, Skype, or in-person to support you in your health transformation
  • Develop your vision of what it means to YOU personally to get free from Fibromyalgia, and build a step by step blueprint to getting there
  • EAT: Find the best foods to nourish your body, fit your lifestyle, and help you heal digestion problems              
  • MOVE: Find your best ways to get in the gentle exercise that you can enjoy without causing flare-ups.
  • RELAX: Reduce the stress, anxiety, and tension in your body and have less pain.
  • SLEEP: Discover your best sleep schedule that will help you wake up feeling more rested and alert
  • THINK: We must think “well” to feel well. Learn how to develop a positive mindset that helps you enjoy your life more too!
  • Pace yourself to have MORE ENERGY and also get more done without flare-ups the next day
  • Experience greater Happiness: Uncover areas where you can gain more enjoyment, adventure, and fun in your life 
  • Plus made for you hand-outs, checklists, charts, and materials to help you
  • Email and/or text support between sessions for any questions.
  • FREE follow up call in 30 days after completing the program to check in and see how you are doing
  • PLUS a few SURPRISE Bonuses!!                                                         

*All programs are personally curated and tailored to YOUR needs, goals, lifestyle, and priorities.  

To find out more about the Get FREE From Fibromyalgia and pain 90-day transformation, click below!

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